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Vision and Philosophy

Our Vision:

“Be our clients most trusted advisors known for our outstanding professional knowledge, integrity and personalized service”

Our Mission:

“To make a fundamental difference in the lives of our clients by promoting informed financial decisions through education, communication, and quality personal service which exceeds their expectations.”

Our Objective

Our objective is to help our clients accomplish their life goals and reduce their level of stress along the way.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Frehner Wealth Management is based on the premise that all areas of one’s financial life have complex relationships with each other. We understand that most planning decisions involve careful tax planning, disciplined investment management, thorough estate planning and diligent cash flow management. As stewards of your financial well-being, our goal is to act as your family’s CFO and adopt a 360º financial perspective to generate innovative, client-centric solutions.

We utilize the multi-disciplinary talents of our team members coupled with our process-driven methodology to address the inherent complexity of each client’s financial situation. A central component of our process is to educate our clients and free them from the anxiety of their financial concerns so that they can focus on what is really important to them. We believe in dynamic planning, and continually monitor changes in a client’s lifestyle or any movement of assets, as well as tax law updates and market cycles so that we can modify their planning strategy accordingly.

We begin each potential relationship by investing many hours in discussion with prospective clients to see if engagement will be an appropriate conclusion. During this discovery process, we learn about your dreams as well as your obligations. We then review the situation, determine how we can add value, and present an analysis of the risks and opportunities.